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Run any kind of text through sucodo and it will tell you which parts may have been copied straight off the internet. No download required: it's pure webapp awesomeness!
2016-05-04: Google has cut off the developer access to its search engine last night. Without this access, sucodo cannot function. With a heavy heart, I have to shut down sucodo for now. I am working on a solution to keep sucodo online and free. Manuel


"Preferably, you should check your paper before handing it in with,, (very simple) ... [from the book 'Successful Papers for Dummies']"
... found at "Google Books"
"sucodo is a pretty nifty web service that lets you check plagiarism in text content. We played around with the service and found it to be pretty accurate."
... found at TechWhack
"sucodo is a helpful tool for schools, especially because of its great usability and neat presentation of results."
"A discovery in the blog of D. Eisenmenger brought me to a handy helper for detecting plagiarisms in pupils' papers:"
... found at beehive
"Sucodo is a free program for finding plagiarism. Maybe it should be helpful if you do a final check of a paper with it."
... found at
"Sucodo is probably more of a help to middle schoolers who want to check their final papers while writing/copying."