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About the project

sucodo is a side project of Manuel Rülke. He is a professional software engineer always looking for new solutions for the web at Sitewards.

He started sucodo because he enjoys coding for the web and he shares the wealth by making it open source.
You can check out the source code and fork it at github.


If you want to contact Manuel you can use the comment form on the bottom of the page. This would be a good choice for giving feedback or reporting bugs. However, if you want a bit more privacy you may contact him using these infos:

Manuel Rülke
Dammstraße 10
08451 Crimmitschau - GERMANY

+49(178) 1979 482

contact /at/ homecoded /dot/ com

Terms of Use

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The tool "sucodo", the plagiarism detection software, is licensed under the Apache 2 licence and is provided free of charge on the website "".