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What is sucodo is sucodo? What can I do with it?

sucodo is a free online tool. It can help you to spot any parts of texts that have been copied straight off the internet. sucodo will not only tell you if some parts of a text were copied but also what online sources may have been used.

Check for plagiarism in texts. Quick and easy!

icon Enter the text and get it processed

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Simply begin by clicking on "Start now" and you will see. Enter the text, begin analysis and wait for the result. You can go back to the text editing any time.


For the check the text is divided into groups of words. Each group is checked with the Google search-engine. If the search engine returns results for a group it is well possible that this part of the text was copied. The group will then get highlighted: The more red you see the more suspicious is the text.

If you move your mouse over the text, sucodo immediately shows how many results are found for a particular part of the text. Double click on a group of words to see all possible sources in a new window. Hint: vary the length of the group of words for more accuracy.

Who would be using sucodo?

image of a teacher

Monica, 34, middle school teacher:

"Since Wikipedia came around more and more of my students turned in papers that they have simply copied off the internet.
It used to be a very time consuming endeavor to check if a student cheated on an assignment. Now, with sucodo it's just a matter of seconds."

Steven, 25, blogger:

"I started my own little blog a while ago. It attracted a steady audience and I was able to get a small income out of it, which helps me getting through university. Unfortunately, content thieves drive traffic away from my site. sucodo helps me find the thieves and with its results it is much easier to take actions against them."

image of a student
image of an ill looking girl

Sabrina, 18, high school student:

"I was writing on my thesis but then I got really sick. Dead line was getting close so I decided to hire a ghostwriter. The paper turned out to be a total rip off afer I ran it through sucodo. Well, I talked to my teacher and eventually got a little more time. I finished the paper myself ... with all the citations correctly in place. Thanks sucodo for saving my diploma."

How do I use sucodo?

sucodo is easy to use: enter a text, start examination and then analyze the results. Let's inspect each step a bit further.

Enter text

illustration enter text Start with entering the text. The easiest way for you would be to copy the text from a PDF or from your word processing program. Select/Mark the text you want to examine and save it to the clipboard. To do that you can right-click on the marked text and after the context menu opens select "Copy".

After that right-click into the text-input field under "Enter Text" and from the context menu select "Paste". The copied text will appear in the text field. Of course you can also type in the text entirely.

Let sucodo examine the text

illustration text markup sucodo switches into the analyze view while it examines the text. Each part of the text is checked and if one of the parts appears to be suspicious sucodo will color it. Depending on the severity a different color is used: It starts with a light orange (small amount of clues that this part of the text might have been copied) and ends with red (there are a lot of clues).

You can repeat an analysis anytime and experiment with different word groups lengths. With long word groups a text can be processed quickly but plagiarisms may get overlooked. Though, short word groups may lead to false positives.

Analyze the results

illustration analyze text Move the mouse pointer over a suspicious (colored) word group. You can immediately see some information about this word group on the bottom of the text field like the number of possible sources of this particular word group. The greater this number the more suspicious this part of the text is.

Click on a suspicious text part and the information view will show more info. You will see a button that if you click on it will show you a list of all the possible sources in a new window.

What makes sucodo better than competitor's products?

How does sucodo work?

sucodo splits the text into word groups of a configurable lenght and check them against a search engine. If the search engine returns results for a particular word group, these results are considered possible sources for this word group from which it was copied. The more hits the search engine discovers for a group, the higher the probability that this phrase was copied.

Can sucodo guarantee me absolute certainty about plagiarisms?

Keep in mind: sucodo is (only) a "tool": if you use it incorrectly you may jump to wrong conclusions. Besides, you should give these points some considerations:

Conclusion: sucodo cannot offer 100% certainty. You should see it as a tool. The fact that sucodo does not find any plagiarisms in a text does not nececessarily mean that there really aren't any. Also, if sucodo marks a word group as possible plagiarism it may well not be one.